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China Agricultural Machinery Parts Trenchers, Hole-Drilling Machine Gearbox agricultural gearbox manufacturers

Solution Description

Item Description


Solution Parameters

Product Ratio Tooth Module Electricity(HP) Rated Input Enter/output description Fat(N.W)
4DH-01-084 four:one Nov-44 5 45 540rpm 1 3/8 Z6
fifty.8 Optic axis

Associated Products


Business Profile

ZheJiang  Grande Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. focuses on paddy field stubble tillage rotary tiller and relevant implements. currently our merchandise have been offered to Africa, South America, Europe, and many others. Our organization has 30 personnel, one thousand sq. meters of workplace area and 7000 square meters of warehouse, Adhering to the theory of buyer very first, in get to provide greater technological assist and after-revenue service, the company experienced recognized a technological office and following-sales support division in 2018.
ZheJiang  Grande Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to provide customers with professional paddy field operation machinery products.


1. What is actually the MOQ?
MOQ is 1 20GP, around 10 sets.

2. What’s the following revenue?
Our products’ guarantee is for twelve months. soon after that, we can still offer thel spare elements.

three. What’s your guide time?
typically in twenty operate days.

four. Are you intrigued in dealership with nearby business?
Sure, we are very intrigued in this enterprise. We might like to cooperate with some local companion to sell more devices in neighborhood market and offer greater provider.

5. What’s your Payment phrases?
thirty% payment in advance by TT, 70% balance just before shipping and delivery.

US $205
/ Piece
10 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Application: Machinery, Agricultural Machinery
Function: Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step




ITEM Ratio Teeth Module Power(HP) Rated Input Input/output description Weight(N.W)
4DH-01-084 4:1 Nov-44 5 45 540rpm 1 3/8 Z6
50.8 Optic axis
US $205
/ Piece
10 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Application: Machinery, Agricultural Machinery
Function: Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step




ITEM Ratio Teeth Module Power(HP) Rated Input Input/output description Weight(N.W)
4DH-01-084 4:1 Nov-44 5 45 540rpm 1 3/8 Z6
50.8 Optic axis

Tips For Selecting the Right Agricultural Gearbox

An agricultural gearbox is an essential component of a farm machinery, such as a combine harvester. A high-efficiency gearbox ensures optimum performance, while readily available replacement parts ensure a hassle-free operation. Here are some important tips for selecting the right agricultural gearbox. You can also read about bevel and CHINAMFG gearboxes, Closed-loop seals, and the quality of materials. You can choose from the many different brands and models available.

Bevel gearboxes

A bevel gearbox consists of a series of enclosed spiral and straight bevels that transmit rotational power through a 90-degree shaft. These gearboxes can be configured at many different angles to suit various agricultural machinery applications. For example, CHINAMFG Gearboxes manufactures a bevel gear drive at 68 degrees that is perfect for grain cart and auger applications. It also has a 50-degree model for the same purpose.
The simplest type of bevel gearbox uses straight or helical teeth. Straight teeth make it difficult to realize small profile coverage. The ratio between the input and output shafts is generally 1:1. Bevel gearboxes with straight teeth cannot produce a high transmittable torque and are also relatively noisy. A bevel gearbox with a straight or bevelled output shaft can also be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on the application.
A bevel gearbox can be arranged in several ways. It can be configured to provide deflection in two or three directions. The output shafts can be at various angles: 90 degrees, 120 degrees, and 135 degrees. Depending on the size and mounting location, it can be geared for either a simple screw drive or a double-shaft arrangement. One option that is not often used is a double-helix bevel gearbox, which is typically less than half the size of a standard gearbox.
In addition to bevel gears, there are also hypoid bevel gears and spiral gears. Both types produce thrust forces that act parallel to the axis of rotation, but the spiral bevel gear produces more thrust force and a change in direction of the torque is possible. However, both types of bevel gears have their drawbacks. In order to make sure that you are choosing the best one for your needs, it’s important to choose the right one.
Agricultural machinery use bevel gears to elevate the crop. The housings of these gearboxes are usually made of closed-grain cast-iron, although larger sizes are made of SG 500/7 material. The screw, meanwhile, is made of Cr-Mo medium carbon steel that has high core strength. The nut is made of aluminum bronze and the tapered roller bearing is suitable for high-axial and radial loads.

CHINAMFG gearboxes

If you’re a farmer, you probably know just how important the parts of your CHINAMFG agricultural gearbox are. If the gears on your tractor start to wear out, you’ll be losing significant yields, since they’re inefficient. And if they don’t have a high gear ratio, that means higher frictional losses, which means lower quality harvests. Food industry gearboxes must meet hygiene and safety regulations as well as withstand harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, you’ll find that the machinery in your food processing plant uses food-safe coloring agents and oils.
Despite the many challenges that face gearboxes, they’re essential for efficient cropping operations. Because they’re used in almost every stage of the cropping cycle, you’ll want them to be efficient and resilient to the toughest conditions. Those conditions include high and low temperatures, operation in moist or arid environments, and safety regulations. But there are some solutions that can help you maintain your cropping cycles for longer, and avoid the need to purchase expensive, replacement gearboxes from a third-party supplier.
CHINAMFG shaft-mount reducers, designed for beet trucks, power conveyors, and other applications, use helical gearing with hardened steel and Viton seals to resist corrosion. CHINAMFG Ultramite gearmotors, for example, drive pilers, stacker boom swings, and hoists. These high-quality gearmotors feature a low-speed direct drive and a high-speed pinion. And all of these products can accept standard NEMA C-face motors.
Industrial gearboxes are becoming increasingly essential for power transfer applications. From automobiles to helicopters to marine vessels, industrial gearboxes provide energy efficiency and reliability for businesses. With their torque multiplication, they reduce the speed of tasks and decrease their carbon footprints. In fact, many industries today are using industrial gearboxes to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. This makes these gearboxes more than just useful in the agricultural sector.

Closed-loop seals

The closed-loop seal is one of the best ways to keep the gearbox safe from water intrusion. It’s a great alternative to desiccant breathers. Although they can’t keep the gearbox underwater, they are a great option for agricultural gearboxes. In the event of an emergency, a closed-loop elastomeric seal will prevent water from leaking into the gearbox.
When it comes to agriculture, the gearbox is important to the entire food chain. Even a little downtime can mean significant production loss. This is why it’s crucial to choose a gearbox that’s easy to access and maintain. Luckily, there are some great agricultural gearbox manufacturers that make closed-loop seals that are easy to access and maintain. A quality gearbox will last for a long time and keep your production costs down.
Flange gaskets are a vital component in the gearbox flange joint. When exposed to high compressive loads over time, gaskets start failing. As a result, they lose strength and leak. Due to their importance, gasket deformation plays a significant role in sealing performance. Therefore, a detailed analysis is carried out to study how gasket thickness affects deformation and von Mises stresses.
End covers are another common agricultural gearbox component. These are a type of seal that fits into the housing bore of rotary shaft lip seals. The DMR(tm) Wheel Hub Seal protects the bearings and shafts during installation and removal. These seals are made of elastomer/sheet metal. They are excellent in high-speed, high-pressure and chemical compatibility applications.
The type of motor mounted in the gearbox also determines the longevity of the seal. A C-face motor, for example, is mounted in a gearbox with a C-face motor. The shaft must slide into the hollow bore of the gearbox without wiggle. Otherwise, the motor may cause deformation of the seal, leading to leakage. Therefore, it is important to know the specific mounting arrangement of the motor before installing a C-face motor.
Various types of rotary seals are available for tractors. Among them, CHINAMFG V-Class Magnum Seal has a grease-filled cavity outboard of the lip seal. This cavity traps small contaminants and blocks them from reaching the lip seal. In addition, the zerk on the grease cavity ensures that the lubrication reaches the outer dust lip, reducing heat generation.

Quality of materials

A quality agricultural gearbox can make or break a farming project. A good quality gearbox is not only reliable but also sturdy and will last a long time. In addition, it can save you money. Agricultural gearboxes come in different styles to fit a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking for a high-quality gearbox that will last a long time, consider an Aline Trading P/L gearbox. Aline Trading gearboxes can handle a variety of tasks, from harvesting crops to operating agricultural machinery. They are designed to reduce input shaft speed and increase the tractor PTO speed. A 50-degree bevel gear drive is commonly used on a grain cart or a portable grain elevator.
A tractor’s gear box is made of grey cast iron. This material is machinability-friendly, wear-resistant, and vibration-dampening. The belt pulleys are usually cast iron and use two-stage processes, casting and forging. Large belt pulleys are typically made of cast iron. The brake drums’ material needs to be higher-quality to reduce vibrations. The brake drums are made of grey iron ASTM A48 Class 35.
Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in the entire food chain. They’re an essential part of the agricultural equipment production process, and efficient gearboxes are crucial for profitable operations. In addition to being highly efficient, agricultural gearboxes need to be able to endure a variety of environmental conditions. High and low temperature extremes, operations in moist and arid environments, and safety regulations are just some of the problems that agricultural gearboxes face.
China Agricultural Machinery Parts Trenchers, Hole-Drilling Machine Gearbox     agricultural gearbox manufacturers	China Agricultural Machinery Parts Trenchers, Hole-Drilling Machine Gearbox     agricultural gearbox manufacturers
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Universal Lathe Factory Bench Lathe Machine Tools Horizontal Lathes Machinery Price

Universal Lathe Factory Bench Lathe Machine Tools Horizontal Lathes Machinery Price

CHINAMFG Lathe Factory Bench Lathe CHINAMFG Tools Horizontal Lathes CHINAMFGry Value

Item Attributes:
one) Chrome Molybdenum headstock gears are hardened and ground
two) CHINAMFG gearbox enables inch, metric, diametral, and module pitch threads without modifying gears
3) Substantial good quality ANSI Course fifty waer-resistant bed methods are hardened and ground 
4) Detachable Hole makes it possible for up to greater diameter workpiece
5) Attractive chrome-plated handle levers, dials and knobs complete this amazing deal
6) D1-6 spindle is precisely ground for precision and supported by high quality spindle bearings
7) Large easy to use foot brake

Common Components:
200mm three-jaw chuck                                                        CHINAMFG system
250mm 4-jaw chuck                                                        Coolant program
300mm confront plate                                                           Foot split
4-way device post                                                               Halogen function lamp
Handbook tailstock                                                             Threading dial
Regular relaxation                                                                    Spindle heart, dwell centre
Stick to relaxation                                                                     Tool box and altering resources

Optional Add-ons:
Chuck include
Instrument submit include
Leadscrew protect
Tapper attachment
Swift adjust device submit
Digital readout

Information of CHINAMFGs

Packing & Shipping and delivery:



C6136ZK/750:  220*113*168 cm

C6136ZK/1000: 244*113*168 cm

C6136ZK/1500: 293*113*168 cm


1650/1710/1810 kg

CHINAMFG Specifics

The deal is picket box which is heat remedy. Or pack it in accordance to clients special request.

Shipping and delivery:
The shipping and delivery depends on various devices with different configurations. You should get in touch with us to confirm it is in stock or not. 

We choose to do 100% T/T (30% T/T in progress, 70% T/T just before cargo)

The warranty period is standard thirteen months after B/L day. During the guarantee interval, we will provide free of charge alternative components (EXW) which are easy ruined. And also components triggered by equipment by itself top quality problems. In the meantime, the device must be underneath standard operation according to Procedure Manual.(Except for incorrect procedure or man-produced broken by purchasers)



1. CHINAMFGion: Are you a factory or trading organization? 
Reply: We are an SGS recognized OEM/ODM manufacturer manufacturing unit with export license. We have an exceptional and experienced team produced up of “A” participant who have a passion for carrying out anything wonderful to produce more price for customers globe-extensive. 

two. CHINAMFGion: Why choose cooperate with us? 
Reply: Right individuals, Correct item, Correct price 
Company-extensive customer awareness 
Reputable CHINAMFG and All factors from world major suppliers 
Price-efficient export infrastructure and whole provide chain management 

three. CHINAMFGion: Can you do OEM? 
Reply: Sure, we have the capability to do OEM / ODM to meet clients’ specifications. 

Universal Lathe Factory Bench Lathe Machine Tools Horizontal Lathes Machinery Price

Consruction Machinery Building Machine Road Building Construction Tools Power Trowel

Consruction Machinery Building Machine Road Building Construction Tools Power Trowel

                  Street Developing CHINAMFG Resources Energy Trowel

Gasoline Power Trowel for sale is widely used in surface of concrete raised paste and trowel and smooth out in high-CHINAMFG workshop, warehouse, parking lot, square, airport and frame-style building. The efficiency of Gasoline Power Trowel for sale is 10 times higher than the manual work. The max rev is up to 135r.p.m.

Main Parameter

model HW80 HW90 HW100
Rotary speed(r.p.m) sixty-135 sixty-135 sixty-135
Qty Blades 4 4 four
Path Dia.(mm) 800 900 1000
engine honda or robin gasoline engine
power of engine(kw/hp) 5.-5.5hp five.-five.5hp five.-5.5hp
net weight(kg) seventy five eighty four ninety
gross weight(kg) 87 ninety eight one hundred and five
BLADE SIZE(mm) 350*a hundred and fifty 350*150 350*one hundred fifty
BLADE THICKNESS(mm) one.five 1.6 1.8
packing size(cm) 86*86*77 100*one hundred*eighty 102*102*eighty
packing way hob with carton hob with carton hob with carton

Figure Photos
                      electrical electrical power trowel                                                    gasoline power trowel


Qualification & Certification
Main Features:

1. Sleek functioning screw management knob make it easy to adjust the blade pitch between ~15 degree
two.Reduced heart of gravity design and style gives secure and stable procedure
three.Distinctive decreasing vibration deal with makes management effortless and procedure cozy
4.Reduction equipment-box, shafts and gears and other elements are 1-time processed by digit control center, created of aluminum alloy
five. Trowel blade supporting arm is created of huge diameter carbon steel, which has been through stringent heat-treated, more tough
6. Smoother body welded by Robotic hand, with company and stunning outlook
seven. Raytone CHINAMFG guarantees components with large precision.

Any question,pls contact us.

Consruction Machinery Building Machine Road Building Construction Tools Power Trowel

Efficiency Baked Doritos Machinery Fried Corn Chips Making Machine

Efficiency Baked Doritos Machinery Fried Corn Chips Making Machine

Merchandise Description

This fried doritos tortilla triangle chips processing line utilizes corn powder , corn starch , and rice powder as major components which are extruded , compounded into triangle , spherical , square styles . Soon after fried and flavored , the final treats will be crispy and tasty like the brand name in the market , doritos and tortilla . For the duration of compound shaping , some waste edges will be lower down , but it can be reused by grinded into powder and fill in the uncooked resources in particular proportion . so this processing line can maximumly reduce the generation price .

Manufacturing flow 

Flour Mixer→Double CHINAMFG Extruder→Pattern CHINAMFG→Shaper→Conveyor→Rotary Sifter→Vibrating Sperader→Elevator→Fryer→Flavoring line


Product Put in energy Real electrical power Output Dimension
MT-65 eighty one.5kw 53kw 150kg/h 21000x1200x2200mm
MT-70 115kw 76kw 200kg/h 23000x1500x2200mm
MT-eighty five 180kw 117kw 300kg/h 28000x1500x4300mm

Main Characteristics

1. Raw resources: adopts corn powder as raw components

two. CHINAMFG:This line can be utilized to make various designs of snack food by altering the moulds from extruder.

3. Potential: 150kg/h, 240kg/h, 500kg/h 

four. Movement chart:Mixing program—Extrusion system—Drying technique-Flavoring program —- Packing technique

five. Voltage in China:3 phases: 380V/50Hz, Solitary stage: 220V/50Hz, we can make it in accordance to customers’ Regional voltage according to diverse countries


7.CHINAMFG Materials: CHINAMFG Steel #304, thickness:one.2mm

eight.Major Motor: Siemens China brand 

nine.Principal CHINAMFGtric factors: Siemens or CHNT manufacturer

10.CHINAMFG: Delta brand 



inside plastic bag, outside wooden case for Mini fried chips making machine (Based on the customers’ need adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets, etc.)

Our Providers

one.  Pre-sale services:

 Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients, enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.  

one.. Select equipment model  

two.. Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirement

three.. Train technical personnel for clients.

2.  Services during the sale:

Respect clients, devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.  

1.. Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery  

two.. Help clients to draft solving plans.  

three. After-sale services:

Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.  

1.. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme  

two.. Install and debug the equipment  

three.. Train the first-line operators

four.. Examine the equipment

5.. Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly

six.. Provide perfect service

seven.. Provide technical exchanging.


one. Q: Are you a manufacturing unit or trading company?

A: We are a manufacturing unit.

2. Q: What certificate do you have?
A: We have ISO and CE certificate.

three. Q: How long is the warranty interval?
A: All of our products have 1 year guarantee.
4. Q: What is the major market place of your company?
A: We have customers all above the planet.

five. Q: How much manufacturing capacity of your business 1 12 months?
A: This relies upon on your requirements.

6. Q: The place is your manufacturing facility located? How can we pay a visit to there?
A: No45 5 stree ,xinsha CHINAMFG Center ,Xihu (West Lake) Dis. ,HangZhou ,ZheJiang  
. We provide transportation service


Efficiency Baked Doritos Machinery Fried Corn Chips Making Machine

Heavy Cast Iron CNC Machinery Tool Casting Machine Tool Bed

Heavy Cast Iron CNC Machinery Tool Casting Machine Tool Bed

Buyer provides substantial praise and is prepared to place more orders:

Solution Name  Weighty solid iron CNC machinery instrument casting equipment tool bed

Ferrous resources:cast iron, grey iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron , carbon steel,stainless metal, minimal alloy metal, large chromium/manganese metal

Non-ferrous: aluminum alloy, copper alloy,brass, bronze titanium alloy(getting constructed)

 Process  Lost foam casting,Resin sand casting,Wood/Metallic CHINAMFG
 CHINAMFG  Molding equipment, misplaced foam casting production line, CNC machining heart, general device instruments,CNC laser reducing machine,huge-scale push equipment
 Finish zinc phosphide, zinc plating, scorching dip galvanized, e-coating, spray paint, black oxide coating ,anodized,passivation and others
Tests CHINAMFG Spectrum analyzer, pressure tester, hardness tester, a few coordinates measuring instrument, caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, microscope, roughness tester, salt spray testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray detection equipment, magnetic particle flaw detector, air tightness screening device, thickness gauge
Item Application CNC lathe/milling machine 
Other main casting products  Vehicle areas,big mining gear accessories, engineering equipment parts, valve areas, big diameter pipe fittings, , agricultural equipment areas,building equipment, equipment box,entire body circumstance and so on.

  • Substantial precision of casting geometry, steady casting interior composition
  • No flash, burr and chilly separation, uniform and regular, less casting flaws this kind of as sand hole, air gap, shrinkage and free
  • Substantial floor finish, less machining allowance and sprucing, no casting flaws and squander caused by parting and main-creating
  • The molding sand can be reused fully, eliminating the molding sand preparation process and waste sand treatment method procedure
  • Straightforward to mechanized and automated flow production, with substantial elasticity, and can comprehend flow production of distinct alloys and castings of distinct sizes and shapes on one particular generation line. Manufacturing unit design is simplified and manufacturing cost is decreased.

Excellent casting products come from excellent equipments and precision detection.

one. Total Location & Primary Goods

1.one We are a maker proven in 2000 yr in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District,HangZhou City

1.2. A total location of a lot more than 500,000 square kilometers and the building spot of three hundred,000 sq. kilometers with five factories integrated.

1.3 Our principal goods are casting items,like automobile mold,equipment resource bed ,gear box,worm-equipment circumstance,valve entire body,compressor housing, and so on, Vehicle equipment, stamping parts, truck cabin,truck body and so on.


Our business has a full chain generation capability of molding, stamping, welding, assembling and coating. The total asset reaches one.35 billion yuan.

two.one Large-scale push/stamping equipments with excellent tonnage span 160T-2400T, also with little punching equipment for small stamping parts.

two.2 Robotic welding and binding line

2.3 5 center JAPANESE OKUMA CNC machining facilities

two.4 CHINAMFGtrophoresis and painting line

2.5 two tons & 10 tons electrical furnace

2.six Waste collection and dust removing program


Our technology middle was awarded as City-level CHINAMFG Center.

3.1 A professional specialized team of 40 engineers

three.two More than a hundred domestic patents

3.three CHINAMFG programming computer software AUTOCAD,CAM,CAE,CIMATEON,UG and so forththree.four Superior engineering equipments and services for detection,like Three coordinate measuring instrument ,Spectral evaluation,Pc carbon and sulfer analyzer,tryout presses and so on.


four.1 ISO9001-2008:    CHINAMFG good quality management system certification 

4.2 ISO/TS16949:2009:   CHINAMFG management program certification 

4.three ISO14001:   CHINAMFGal administration method certification 

4.4 OHSAS18001:  Occupational well being administration technique

four.5 CCC: China Compulsion Certification(3C)

four.6 AAA company credit rating score


Our merchandise have been exported to CHINAMFGica,India, Africa and other countries and areas. and offer OEM support for domestic buyers,these kinds of as 

FAW Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CHINAMFG,  

FAW Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangZhou CHINAMFG,



BAIC Motor and ZheJiang Benz CHINAMFG,

and other well-known factories in china.

Heavy Cast Iron CNC Machinery Tool Casting Machine Tool Bed

Factory Price UPVC PVC Profile Extruder Machine Extrusion Machinery

Factory Price UPVC PVC Profile Extruder Machine Extrusion Machinery

CHINAMFG wooden(WPC)- PVC-PE Window Profile/Ceiling board/Edge banding/Door panel/ Pipe Creation Extrusion CHINAMFG

Via industry mixture and our technology innovation, Midtech happy to offer
CHINAMFG saving (fifteen% down)
CHINAMFG (Bimetallic & PLC Intelligence), 
Dependable quality (vertical gearbox by SKF bearing)

Extruder and total set PVC profile, delicate-hard co-extrusion profile, foam profile extrusion, multi layer co-extrusion, PE+ wooden (WPC) options


Design/info Max width Extruder design Motor power Max capacity
MT180 180mm MT51/one zero five 22kw 120kg/h
MT240 300mm MT65/132 37kw 260kg/h
MT600 600mm MT80/156 55kw 400kg/h
MT800 800mm MT92/188 90/100kw 650kg/h

Function circulation and comprehensive details: 

Feeder • To feed materials into extruder 
Extruder •World CHINAMFG brand electrical ingredient: Siemens, Schneider, ABB etc 
• Higher torque gearbox with adopts NSK/SKF bearing 
• Siemens/WEG CHINAMFG motor attained global after service 
• Bimetallic screw and barrel 
• CHINAMFG PLC managing technique with human-friendly interface. 
Die head • 3Cr13/3Cr17 content
• CHINAMFG established include extrusion die head, calibrator and cooling tank
• Adopt to single, co-extrusion, foam imitation marble profile
Calibration table • Contain full set of vacuum and water pump
• Width: 240mm
• Length: 6000mm
• Independent operation panel for simple operation
Haul off • Higher/reduced caterpillar pushed independently and speed handle by inverter
• CHINAMFG adjust variety pads for effortless operation
• Put in plate is adopts aluminum substance
Cutter • CHINAMFG noticed cutter with adopts double station dust selection system
•Synchronous drivingby air cylinder or servo motor control
Stacker • CHINAMFG steel304 as touching content
• Discharge driving by air cylinder
Very hot stamping equipment • Ornamental sample and movie defense of merchandise surface

Why decide on us
♦ Specified screw layout and substance application for high share CaCO3
♦ CHINAMFG PLC managing technique with human-friendly interface make the operation effortlessly. 
♦ Switch-important solution offered contain plant format and design, system, production assistance. 
♦ Tremendous increase product sales assure for all our devices: 18 months since the equipment left supplier plant. 
♦ Aggressive value for all our devices to meet buyer desire. 
♦ World vast following companies center: Hungary, Spain, Nigeria, UAE, Brasil, Peru…

If you need any help, you should don’t wait to contact us

Factory Price UPVC PVC Profile Extruder Machine Extrusion Machinery

Automatic Roll Forming Machine for Ceiling T Grid Machinery

Automatic Roll Forming Machine for Ceiling T Grid Machinery

KaiGui CHINAMFGry is NO.1 and just focusing on Suspension Ceiling T Bar/T Grid Roll Forming CHINAMFGry
Roller and CHINAMFG/Die Material and Processing and Warmth treatment method we do by our personal
CHINAMFGtric manage Cupboard and PLC by our personal CHINAMFGtric engineer with Fantastic Performance
The Most CHINAMFG, CHINAMFG and CHINAMFG Speed even though Steady efficiency
Completely CHINAMFG Non-end Flying Reducing off
Worm Gearbox Reducer Transmission
Stitching CHINAMFG and Patented Metal head Clip Lock Continous CHINAMFG
Excellent service and Higher CHINAMFG QC
Hearth-proof Hole and Custmer’s Logo on T Bar
Lifetime QWP (rapid weary components) support and CHINAMFG update service.

Item measurement: H*W(MM)38×35 38×24 38×15 32×24 32×15 28×24 28×15 and so forth. Length: 3600/3660mm
Any measurement and any demand we can do as for each customer’s drawing or sample.

⊙ Major Components(A—-F):
A(two Uncoilers for GI& PPGI) + B(Major CHINAMFG Roll Previous) + C(CHINAMFG Punching& Cutting-off Technique) +D(CHINAMFGtric PLC control Cabinet) + E(2 CHINAMFG standions) + F(Operate-out Desk)
⊙ Principal Parameter:
Stations: eighteen-24 Stations
Speed: 20–25M/Min(6–7Pcs/Min)
Complete Power: 21.2KW(4KW+2.2KW+15KW)
PLC manufacturer: Siemens
Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-CHINAMFG interface: Siemens
Set up size: 14.8M
Die/CHINAMFG Content: SKD11
Customer’s Brand: Ok
Anti-Hearth Gap: Ok
Stitching Line: Alright
Steel Head Lock: Alright
Transmission: Worm Gearbox Reducer
Main CHINAMFG station with Accumulator for stable and specific efficiency

A: Uncoiler/Decoiler/Coil Opener/Raw Content Shelf:
Code: MT-two hundred
Bodyweight: 100kg
Dimensions: 1000*800*1100(mm)
Uncooked Content Roll :
Inner Diameter: 450-530mm
Outer Diameter: 1200mm
Loading bodyweight: 1000kg
Make sure the GI and PPGI
Unoiler in the specific line with
Main Previous CHINAMFG

☆ Station/Move/Pinion: eighteen stations
☆ Speed: twenty—25M/Min(6–7Pcs/Min)
☆ CHINAMFG physique: CHINAMFG Metal, Thickness 20mm, Polished, Rust Avoidance Paint CHINAMFG,Any color available
☆ Transmission: Motor 4KW, Main Transmission: Chain CHINAMFG, Amongst Rollers: Worm wheel Gearbox
☆ Stitch: Four Rollers real sew, can also be employed for faux sew.
☆ Aspect plate: Thickness 30mm, Polish six sides, substantial precision uninteresting
☆ Principal Axis: forty five# steel, tempering heat treatment method, mill grinder exact making
☆ CHINAMFGtric Cabinet: SIENENS PLC programmed, Contact Display, Entirely CHINAMFG managing method.
☆ Punching Die: Content D11, Hardness HRC 58-60, Specific milled, exact producing, effortless to detachable components.
Stitching Mechanism
☆ Roller: Materials Cr12 Inner diameter 39mm, Min OD 90mm, HRC fifty five-fifty six, Symmetry in the variety of .05mm

C CHINAMFG Punching and Traveling Slicing-off System:
☆ Punching Die: 24 sets( two head locks 22 Major Tee holes)
☆ Anti-Fireplace Gap Die Offered on CHINAMFG
☆ Cutting: Traveling Chopping-Off Contineous functioning non-stop
☆ Driving Drive: 2 CHINAMFG stations 1 for Punching system travel and 1 for punching
☆ Accurancy: Top and Width inside .1mm In Size .3mm/Meter
☆ Die Content: 45# metal and Cr12MoV, Warmth treatment Vacuum fifty eight–60HRC
☆ Reducing off Length: 3600 or 3660mm
☆ Hole Length: 150cm or six”
☆ Custom made Brand Punching at same time on CHINAMFG Totally CHINAMFG

D CHINAMFGtric PLC control Cupboard
☆ PLC brand: SIEMENS
☆ Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-CHINAMFG Interface: SIEMENS
☆ CHINAMFG: Teco ZheJiang brand
☆ Change Electricity: Delta ZheJiang brand
☆ Wire relationship interface: Aviation plug

E CHINAMFG stations
☆ CHINAMFG manufacturer: LYHP
☆ CHINAMFGtromagnetic valve: XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. brand
☆ Accumulator: Nitrogen
☆ Secondary CHINAMFG: 2.2KW
☆ Coloration: Any shade obtainable

F Run-out Desk
Measurement: 3800x750x970mm
Complete: polish
Substance: CHINAMFG Steel 304 the outward surface area painted protection, Any coloration accessible
This compenent is functioning desk. Solution will drop on to the table and slide out easily, so it avoids scratching and simple for packing. And there are squander grooves improve to perform the waste steel odd finishes to the barrel.


Automatic Roll Forming Machine for Ceiling T Grid Machinery